A brief description of how tokenomics function for Nobility.

General Tokenomics: there is a 11% fee that includes all swaps and transfers on the network. Unlike other projects you may have seen before; you get reflection rewards in BUSD instead of the token itself.

  • 7% is redistributed by weight to all holders in BUSD via a method known as a friction-less yield. No need to claim, no need to request. It just appears in your wallet.

  • 2% automatically added to the liquidity pool for increased market stability.

  • 2% is captured into our Nobility Use wallet. This balance will be used for, including, but not limited to, Esports tournament prize pools, marketing, business development, charity donations, scholarship funding, manual burns, community events, and giveaways.

How this works:

The contract has an array of all token holders.The contract keeps an index for the position in the array for processing transactions. For each transaction, a certain number of users are sent their reflections, depending on the size of the transaction and the gas that is used to send the transaction. (AKA, larger token transfers can process more BUSD payouts, since the gas remains proportionally less than the value of the tokens).

All of the BUSD generated is split proportionally to the token holders.

Once a user is processed, the contract determines how many withdraw-able dividends the user has, and if it is above the minimum threshold for auto-claims, it will automatically claim those dividends for BUSD.

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