What is the use case?

Nobility users will inherently benefit from holding Nobility tokens for extended amounts of time. The token itself is specifically engineered to provide an incentive for adoption and use cases. The more adoption/use-cases we create; the more volume we'll have which will amplify our tokenomics: Reflection and LP Acquisition. The Nobility Use wallet is also growing in part with our tokenomics. There are many things that it will be used for, including, but not limited to, Esports tournament prize pools, marketing, business development, charity donations, scholarship funding, manual burns, community events, and giveaways.

We will be actively exploring use-cases as we continue to move forward with the project and updating this section.

Is the ownership of the contract renounced?

The ownership of the contract has not been renounced, as renouncing the contract ownership does not allow for updates to be made to the contract as the project grows. The core team is 100% doxxed and is invested in the project for the long haul.

When will you be listing on exchanges?

We are in talks with various exchanges and listing on exchanges is definitely on our roadmap; however, we do not have an exact date to provide at the current time.

Who is the developers behind the project?

We are not at liberty to provide any information regarding the developers of the smart contract or blockchain features that we'll be adding in the future due to non-disclosure agreements, but rest assured we are using some very well-known developers in DeFi.

Is there a marketing plan?

Yes, the team has an established marketing plan and extensive background in the marketing field. We would love to share everything we have in store, but we have found that this often leads to FUD if something falls through or does not come to fruition as quickly as we would like. Rest assured that the team is constantly working on marketing, and will update the community as new things roll out.

How will you tap into international markets?

For international non-English speaking markets, we have a dedicated department working on all the information interpreted and translated by certified professionals. We want to inform all the details as accurate as possible. As of now, we have several info-graphs in Spanish and Portuguese. We will be bringing more languages in the near future, so be on the look out! If someone has an idea for an international room, please contact one of our admins on Telegram or other social media and we will explore that option.

Will there be any buybacks?

Nobility does not use any buyback mechanisms.

Is the project safe for investors?

We are not financial advisors, please do your own research.

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