Legal Disclaimer and Risk Caution

Participating in an ILO ("Initial Liquidity Offering") is a high-risk activity. This ILO is intended only for experienced professionals who are familiar with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and trading in other marketing tools.
By participating in this ILO, the Buyer is aware of and accepts the risks related to security, possible failure to achieve technical and economic results and total or partial loss of its capital. Finally, the Buyer declares to be aware of the legal uncertainty of this type of transaction and to have carried out its own legal consultation in accordance with the applicable law to which it is subject.
The token does not in fact grant any financial (income, capital, or dividend) or voting rights in the project. The token is a crypto asset issued by the Decentralized Autonomous Platform (Project) through the ILO and used by Nobility team members and the community. No other rights are transferred to the ILO. More specifically, the only obligation of the Project is to distribute the Nobility token under the conditions defined in the official publications.
Due to national legislation, participants from the following countries are not allowed to participate in the ILO: "U.S. person" (according to this definition), Canada, South Korea, Burma, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe, Singapore, and China. This prohibition applies to all types of persons (moral, physical, agents, etc.) and to any indirect participation (through an agent, registered loan, limited liability company, etc.). By participating in the ILO, the buyer agrees to the legal disclaimer and to collectively respect the above provisions.
ILOs are high-risk operations due to their experimental nature.
By participating in this operation, participants declare that they understand and assume the following risks: • The lack of regulation: the buyer agrees not to take advantage of any guarantees associated with ILOs in regulated financial markets or other regulated financial investments. • Capital loss: the buyer accepts the risk of full or partial capital loss in cryptocurrency or in the token. • Volatility or market risk: the value of tokens, just like cryptocurrencies in general, can be extremely volatile and subject to significant and largely unpredictable fluctuations.
In addition, the market, or markets in which these tokens are traded do not offer the same guarantees that generally apply to traditional financial markets.
Last modified 2yr ago